Last week I spent a few days in California with an amazing group of women entrepreneurs, who were kicking ass and doing cool things in the world.

I had to leave the group early on Wednesday afternoon, to catch a plane to another event that would be happening in Chicago the next day. But once I got to the airport I realized that my flight was delayed by 2 hours. Bummer. But not irredeemable.

Yet 30 minutes later, the flight was delayed…again…by another 2 hours.

At that point I was justifiably pissed. I tried to wrangle a resolution out of the airline staff, with no avail, before calling the event organizer in Chicago to apologize. They were supposed to pick me up from the airport.

“I tell you what, I’ll switch my flight to one that arrives early morning tomorrow. So that you don’t have to wait at the airport in the middle of the night,” I told them.

But the flight change meant I had 7 extra hours with nothing scheduled. The cold, hard benches at the airport looked rather unappealing. So I decided to go back to Palo Alto, where my pals in the women entrepreneur group were wrapping up their last sessions.

Although I grouched to my Uber driver the entire time about how much airline mismanagement had shortened my lifespan, deep down there was this small voice in me that said, “Don’t be so quick to judge. You haven’t seen the whole thing yet.”

And as always, that voice was right.

Back to the women founders’ group, I bumped into an advisor that I had wanted to connect with for a long time. And then everyone in the group got together for a spontaneous post-mortem session that was more amazing than anything else in the entire event.

Later I mentioned this to a friend. I told him that life is always perfect even when it feels anything but, and there is always a blessing behind the false starts and sudden stops in life that frustrate the hell out of us.

“Well, I think that says more about what kind of person you are than about how life is,” my friend said.

And he is right.

Most people don’t realize how much of a choice you have in deciding the kind of world you want to live in. They don’t realize how much that choice determines the quality of your experience, both large and small.

In mathematics, there’re the AXIOMS and there’re the THEOREMS. The theorems you can prove. The axioms you cannot. They are your fundamental point of view about the world, the floorboard on which everything else useful is built. Most of the time you take the axioms for granted as though they are the absolute truth. You forget that they are in fact something you created to construct your universe upon.

Here’re some of the axioms in my life. The Universe is conscious and benevolent. Life is self-adjusting supreme intelligence. There are no mistakes. Growth and expansion is my ultimate destiny. And nothing I do can possibly mess up with that destiny…

Those are what I live by and I know I am right.

But here’s the thing. If I had chosen to believe that the Universe is unconscious, that life events are random, and that everyone is out for themselves, I would be right, too.

Most people have natural affinity to a particular set of axioms. It doesn’t make one set more true than another. The point is they are in fact your own choosing.

You’re the creator, whether you take that job consciously or not.

The difference is that if you’re conscious about your role in the creation process, you use your power with more discernment. Your freedom expands. Your compassion increases. You create more peace and less dogma, in the world.

In episode 51 of the School of intuition, I talk about your freedom as a creator in choosing your own earthly adventure, and how to use that freedom to create the life you love.


The Empath’s Way to Impact and Influence

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