Hi, Tascha here. On this website I cover: macro and investment with a focus on crypto macroeconomics, the future of humanity, and occasionally, what it takes to live your highest potential. 

My fundamental belief:

inner mastery leads to outer attainment.

If you master being who you truly are, what you want from the outside world will follow.

What you will NOT find on this site–

  • Tactics, tricks, short-term trading strategies 
  • Sanskrit mantras for manifesting a billion dollars
  • Get rich fast internet business plans
  • What exactly you should do with your life (I can tell you where to look, but you need to earn your own clarity)

What I can help you with–

  • Understanding where the world is going and how you can prepare for it
  • Developing a habit of independent thinking that will yield dividends in every area of your life for as long as you live
  • Long term strategy for financial independence and personal freedom
  • Becoming your bigger self and leveraging your strength to do meaningful work

No content on this website is financial advice and should not be interpreted as such.

* * * * *

Questions & Answers

  • Who the heck are you? Do you have a license, a certificate or a [insert fancy pedigree]? Why should I listen to you?

I’m a cross-disciplinary thinker, an optimist, a doer. I have a knack for distilling insights from experiences and for seeing the forest through the trees. I’ve been a seeker of truth for as long as I could remember. I write / talk about ideas and insights from my own research and thinking.

While I respect licenses and degrees, they are simply specific sets of rules and perspectives humans created to make sense of the world. Most of us follow the set rules as though they were solid truth. Because authorities make us feel safe and because we don’t trust our own inner authority. We don’t trust that we are already in touch with the Source of all knowledge. We think others know more than us.

They don’t. 

Pardon my cynicism about education. I have three college degrees and a PhD. It took over 20 years of formal education for me to realize I didn’t need schools to learn things. I’m apparently a slow learner. Don’t be like me. 

You should listen to me not because I know more than you. You should listen only if what I say helps to form your own independent thinking. 

Ok, I’m done with that pep talk…almost.

Which school did Jesus and Buddha go to? Who gave them the license to preach? 

  • Did you just compare yourself to Buddha and Jesus? 

Yes, I did. You should, too. You carry the DNA of the creative universe by the mere fact that you’re born. Any other humans, no matter how impressive they seem, are at most a couple steps ahead of you on their evolutionary journey. Otherwise you wouldn’t even dwell on the same earth plane. 

  • Do you offer one-on-one coaching?

I used to. But now I’m too occupied with various projects. Sorry.

  • Can I ask you a question about XYZ?

You may. But I can’t say I’ll answer each one. If you have a question, sign up for my email newsletter and reply to one of the emails. If it’s an interesting question, I’ll write about it later.