Duality is the basic building block of how we humans perceive the world. As you live your day to day life, your mind is constantly running classification algorithms categorizing things into good or evil, black or white, edible or inedible, friendly or threatening… It’s been doing that for 300,000 years. It’s good at it.

Even though duality is a flawed way to characterize reality and basically a cognitive energy-saving shortcut because human brains have limited processing power, for the most part it works well.

The problem only appears if you try to grow beyond your current capability of personal freedom, that is, if you try to evolve.

As long as you’re bound by the rules of duality, there is no way to perceive/embody a positive quality without also perceiving/embodying its opposite in one way or another. 

You don’t know what happiness is unless you also know suffering. You don’t possess confidence or pride unless you also possess shame or unworthiness. You can shovel the latter to the deepest recess of your subconscious. But it doesn’t mean they are not there…as long as you live in duality.

The only way out is to change the rule of the game– to learn to perceive reality beyond the dualistic paradigm. 

In Episode 112 of the School of Intuition, we’ll look at how reality is constructed from alternative points of view, the built-in limitation of the human identity in perceiving reality, and the cognitive switch awaits on the edge of human evolution.





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