One day last year I was debating with a dear friend– who’s a bit of an ethereum maxi– about Ethereum vs other L1s. 

He said, “Once Eth L2 rollups are up and running, cost and speed advantages of other L1s won’t exist anymore.”

I said, “I’m bullish on Eth L2s. But nothing’s stopping other L1s to also have rollups. You can have layer 2s on, say, Solana!”

Honestly though, I didn’t expect L2 for Solana to be happening, at least not soon. But web3 moves at warp speed– Solana L2 is apparently for real now. 

In this episode of Tascha Labs podcast I talk with Kevin Lim, founder of Nitro Labs, who’s building the first Solana virtual machine (SVM) scaling solution in Cosmos.

This conversation happened at an interesting time– right after the FTX collapse which created something of an existential crisis for Solana. I was keen to get Kevin’s take on the situation, even though I had my prior assumptions.

Are we both biased? Totally! But at the end of day, people who bias in different directions are what makes a market possible.

If you prefer reading, check out the excellent summary about this episode by @LeThang137.