Why You Lost the People You Loved

If you’ve ever lost anyone you loved—to a breakup, a divorce, an illness, a death—you probably wondered, in the depth of those sleepless nights when you were engrossed in pain and enraged against the Universe…what’s the point?


No matter whose “fault” it was– yours, theirs, God’s, and no matter how much the outcome could be justified, your pain is real. Your loss is undeniable.


Why, indeed, were those precious connections given to you, if they were to be taken away at the end? What’s the point of having them at all…if what you’re left with is only so much sorrow?


What’s the point? What’s the point? What’s the motherfucking point?


There’re actually many, many a point. Here’re some.


You lost those people you loved because…


so that you realize you can love so much more than you ever thought possible,

so that you understand the depth of your own soul,

so that you learn to love yourself unconditionally,


so that you know to nourish the little child in you who’s been looking for your acceptance since the beginning of time,

so that you can be even more connected to your precious heart,

so that this amazing heart of yours can be broken open, again and again, and grow pliant and strong,


so that you realize…truly…nothing is permanent,

so that you know how it feels to lose what you’re so afraid to lose,

so that you understand how little you actually have to lose…because whatever you have, it’s only here for a short while,

so that you learn to be open to love but not attached to outcome,

so that you learn to give love and not expect love in return,


so that you understand how deep the pain can go,

so that you learn to honor everyone’s pain, including your own,

so that you realize there is love…even in pain,

so that you know that love is always bigger than pain,


so that you learn to cherish every being who is sent your way,

so that you know to treasure every connection,

so that you learn to treat everyone—including yourself—with respect,

so that you appreciate the vulnerability and beauty that is in every human, just like you,

so that your heart can grow even bigger…to accommodate the whole mess of a world,


so that you have no choice but to trust that everything is working out for your highest good,

so that you learn to surrender your small will,

so that you are finally set free.


And so that…so that you realize you came here to be the light of this world.


And you’re doing your job perfectly.


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