Most humans are a product of their lineages. Whether you receive the gifts and limitations of their lineage through “nature” or “nurture”, the pack of scripts (human softwares) that get passed down from generation to generation has a huge influence on who you think you are.

For many, many people that actually define who they are and how they behave entirely– they’re a collection of scripts being handed down from the collective, covered by a thin veneer of “individual identity”. 

In fact, in my experience those people who assert that they have “free will” are exactly the ones who tend to be a sole product of their lineage. As it often happens, unawareness is a source of confidence.

If you’re called towards true personal freedom, you need to have a clear understanding of the scripts you inherited, and how they interact. Otherwise you’d be striving out of rebellion, instead of knowledge. True power comes from knowledge.

In Episode 75 of The School of Intuition, I talk about why there’s no difference between “nature” and “nurture”, how you can gain more personal freedom simply by getting clarity on the main scripts from your lineage, why sometimes we self-sabotage on our journey towards more personal freedom, and what to do about it. 


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