It took me almost six freaking years to get my PhD. It was an experience like watching the paint dry every day. I woke up. I worked. I went to bed. No applause. No flowers. No pat on the back.

At the time most of my college friends had gotten nice professional jobs and an adult lifestyle, while I still lived on teaching assistance stipend and sheepishly called myself a grad student.

Midway through the six years, I had some academic and personal setbacks that seemed devastating at the time. And like the proverbial heroine, I had a looking-into-the-mirror moment. Part of me wanted to quit. I told myself I had no idea what I was doing and this was all a waste of time.

I was worried that I was on the wrong path, that life had been a mistake, that it might be “too late”. (Too late for what? Hell knows. But lack of sensible logic never stops the ego from worrying its brain out.)

Sometimes life doesn’t give you the signs, the confirmations, the reassurance you want. That doesn’t mean you’re on the wrong path.

In episode 52 of the School of Intuition soundcast, I talk about why things “not happening” in your life is actually a clear message from the Universe, how the waiting periods in life is in fact how the transformation of consciousness starts to happen, and what to do while you are waiting for your ship to come in.


The Empath’s Way to Impact and Influence

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