“Ego” is the scapegoat word that some people blame every undesirable human quality on. It’s a concept that, more often than not, masks the lack of clarity in awareness, rather than helping to create constructive internal change.


In this video, I talk about what ego is — the part of your consciousness that is programmed to preserve the most recent version of an isolated individual identity.


I also talk about how most “self improvement” schemes center upon tricking the ego to allow your individual identity to upgrade into an “improved” version. But here’s the thing. If you upgrade your car from a Ford Focus to a Ferrari…it’s still a car. It may be a faster one. But it’s not going to make you fly.


The process of inner awakening is the process of shedding your limited individual identity and embracing your Self as the direct embodiment of universal consciousness. It’s a path for you to become a new kind of human, who, instead of being directed by ego, creates her thoughts and actions as a manifestation of the universal will.


[vsw id=”zNsh2_xGMnE” source=”youtube” width=”300″ height=”169″ autoplay=”no”]

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