In this episode of Tascha Labs podcast, I discuss:

– the possible drivers of recent selloffs in ETH and BTC
– whether it’s time to re-enter the market
– how to think about the reward-risk profile of your investment decisions
– and what you can do to increase the expected value (EV) of your investing quickly without other major adjustments.


– Crypto Market Movement Analysis
00:05:19 – Understanding Price Movements in the Market
00:10:28 – Potential Financial Troubles for Crypto Entities
00:15:31 – Understanding the Mechanisms of Market Selling
00:21:08 – Assessing Reward-Risk in Buying the Dip
00:26:16 – Stability in the Market and Support Resistance
00:31:17 – Investing Framework and Defining the Downside
00:36:16 – Controlling What You Can Control
00:41:21 – The Impact of Widen Stop Losses on Win Rates