Have you ever taken an online personality test? Or believed that you have some inconvenient idiosyncrasies because of a childhood trauma?

We live in a world that worships analysis. We like to analyze, evaluate, classify and probe into our own psyche, behaviors, emotions and habits, in the name of “self improvement”. And we like to do this to others even more. This kind of activities, though helpful to certain extent, can quickly become a total waste of time on your journey to growth and expansion. The reason is simple: analysis kills intimacy. In this video, I challenge you to let go of the “high school” version of self improvement, and adopt the “graduate” version instead…if you’re ready for it. And if you read this far, I’d say you are probably more than ready 🙂

[vsw id=”Zem0a_tLGyY” source=”youtube” width=”300″ height=”169″ autoplay=”no”]

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