blank-89184_640(This article was published in Elephant Journal.)

I was reshuffling my book collection when my old vision board tumbled off the shelf.

Thud! It plunged into the floor face down, stirring up a mist of dust.

My cleaning lady Andrea, who came to help me tidy up the house for the New Year, was vacuuming the carpet. She glanced up, first at the board and then at me, with a wide-eyed look saying “I didn’t do it.”

“It’s alright,” I said. “Nothing’s broken.”

That vision board has been sitting on top of my bookshelf gathering dust for ages. I made it also right before a different New Year, when I was still a twenty-something grad student living in a cramped studio apartment. A few Law of Attraction books I read vouched for the effectiveness of vision board—making picture collages about one’s dream life—as a way to “manifest new reality.”

So, I decided to make a vision board, too.

But not just any vision board. As someone suffering from Stage four perfectionism, I wanted the best, most beautiful vision board ever!

And after butchering scores of innocent magazines, I finally found the exact pictures I wanted and glued those hand-curated gems onto a white cardboard sheet…. (Continue reading on Elephant Journal)