In this video I answer reader questions on

  • Short term crypto market outlook
  • Impact of Fed rate hike vs quantitative tightening
  • Effect of Ukraine-Russia conflict on financial markets & crypto
  • If there’re any “intrinsic values” in tokens





  1. Thanks, Tascha. I appreciate your efforts and especially enjoy your 2nd order discussions that you go into after satisfying the basic question. And, of course, I wish you luck!

  2. Roberto Guidi Reply

    Very top research on cryptos. Possibly all your articles can become a general framework to evaluate crytpocurrencies. If I may I would like to suggests 2 ideas:
    1) if cryptos are like states, and the token the national currencies, then maybe is possible to use the traditional forex evaluations models (eur/usd etc) to estimate token value?
    2) currently blockchains are all open source software to encourage max devs and adoption. I feel at some stage that this need to change and the software must become Licenced in order to stop ghost chains to subtract users and value of the technological innovator that will introduce new blockchain tech. This moment will mark the start of the mass adoption phase of cryptos.

    Just ideas.