Three Spiritual Principles to Help You through Trying Times

The past month has been a difficult time for many, as the configuration of planetary energy stirred up conflict and turmoil, both internal and external. If you’ve lost/separated from loved ones during this time, see your project/business stalled, or find yourself drowning in self doubt and sorrow for no reason, my heart goes out to you. I myself have experienced the disintegration of an intimate relationship, despite our genuine love and mutual efforts to be a great partner for each other. Although such events inevitably bring up deep sadness, I reminded myself, and would like to remind you, of the following.


1. The crumbling-down of your existing life is always to make way for an even bigger you. Like the forest fire that burns down bushes to create fertile soil, the seemingly destructive force sweeping through your life is here to lead to deeper healing and greater expansion of your self. The emotions triggered by the negative events bring up your long-standing patterns, beliefs, and shallows that have limited your freedom and power into bright day light. They show up to you at this juncture to be loved, acknowledged, and embraced by you, so that their energetic residues, which have helped and served you in your earlier life, can now be peacefully released into the ether, to allow a new you to emerge that is more fluid and free. The seeming chaos right now is in fact the beginning of a new era in your life that will bring deeper fulfillment and alignment with your soul.


2. Not getting you what you want inevitably brings you what you need. Setbacks and frustrations serve to humble the ego, who had believed it was in charge of life until the Universe turned your world upside down. What your ego has believed would bring you happiness seem now so out of reach, despite all your struggles to obtain them. In times like this, it’s natural to question your destiny, or even to believe that the Universe threw disasters at you to avenge your previous “sins” or return a “bad karma”. But the truth is you’re only being called to let go of the illusion that your limited concept of “self” is in control of your life. In that sense, you’re the chosen one, chosen to awaken to the reality that you’re part of the universal will that governs everything. Whatever is happening to you right now is only part of your process to loosen your grip on life and merge with the Source that will be your true power to create changes in you and in the world.


3. You’re called to open your heart even more. The mind is tempted to think, in the aftermath of a debilitating loss, that if you hadn’t loved or cared so deeply, if you hadn’t invested so much of yourself, you wouldn’t have had to suffer as much now. Yet if you’re reading this, you know that you’re one of those amazing souls on a journey towards ever-expanding consciousness and growth. For a less courageous person, playing smaller and backing down from love may be the solution. But not for you. You heal a broken heart not by shrinking it, but by cracking it open even wider and filling it with more love, not less. You help heal your past as well as the collective consciousness by lavishing yourself with loving kindness in these difficult times. You may also be called to reach out to others who are being challenged by life with compassion and care. And in the process you will stretch yourself and become increasingly aware of the interconnected nature of all beings.


You may also realize, in these unique times, that following your heart will bring you into direct conflict with what you ego may believe as good, proper, and successful. Previously your ego might have been following certain spiritual principles—no matter whether it’s loving unconditionally, being positive, or acting with integrity—with subtle righteousness or as a spiritual technique to control your life outcomes. But the turmoils you’re experiencing are a reminder that your heart’s pure intent cannot be followed with any external motivation from your limited self. You’re presented with two choices: either to continue leading a life where you pursue never-ending goals to attain whatever satisfy the socially-entrained beliefs of your ego, or to act out in every situation what is in alignment with your highest consciousness for its own sake. Realize that this is the ultimate opportunity to exercise your so-called “free will”, in every moment of your life.


Trying times like this always carry tremendous generative power. Trust that despite the seeming chaos, you’re in fact on the verge of breaking through into your next stage of evolution. May your heart know its true power and be filled with ever-flowing compassion for all.


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