It’s not an accident that many so-called charismatic leaders are narcissists. After all, leadership requires an unwavering conviction in your own vision of the world. And the inability to empathize with others makes it easier to be unwavering in whatever you believe in. Except such leadership does not often steer the world into a better place, for obvious reasons. 

In contrast, visionary leadership is often challenging for empathic light beings who have not taken the effort to get to know, and affirm, who they really are. Part of it is because it’s so easy for us to see and understand other people’s perspectives and narratives, that we often neglect the fact that our own perspective and narrative need equal respect, from us. The common phrase for this typical pattern is low self esteem.

Yet to influence the consciousness of the world around us, we need the courage and conviction to stand by our own vision of the world, even when we’re standing alone. Without that, your love and light may be nice to look at. But it does not shift the world.

In Episode 83 of the School of Intuition, I talk about what it takes for empathic light beings to embody true leadership, so that your light, instead of being a personal burden, can be the force of nature that evolves the consciousness around you.


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