4 Steps To Own The Room (Especially If You're An Empath)

Time is an illusion– I’m sure you’ve all heard of that statement. But other than an interesting soundbite you can dish out in cocktail parties to start intellectual conversations that go nowhere, that statement means nothing to most people. We’re so used to existing in the time-space continuum that an existence without time is beyond what we can wrap our head around.

But what if your future has indeed already happened? And practically, what if you can access your future self– who is 100 times stronger, wiser, more creative– to help problem-solve any challenges you’re having at present?

In this episode I will walk you through a practice to do exactly that– so that you can borrow strength from your future self and lend a hand to your past self, so that the journey towards your highest destiny will be a more pleasant one. Your highest destiny has already happened. Your job is simply to make the trip there an enjoyable one.


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