Reality is complex and truth has many layers.

When you try to follow your intuition about a situation, feel like you’re getting some genuine insight about the situation, and yet still feel confused or ambiguous about what you need to do, it may be time to ask yourself, which part of truth am I seeing?

Take a not-so-uncommon example. Say, you’re in a relationship and it’s difficult. You’re trying to find clarity about the situation. Is it difficult because you have a certain childhood trauma that triggers you into an outburst of anger at the slightest offense from the other person? Is it difficult because it’s not the right season for a relationship and you should focus on being with yourself? Is it difficult because you are fundamentally not the right person for each other? The list of possible reasons goes on…

Decision making is easy when you know there is only one “yes” answer among those possibilities. But that’s rarely the case. Truth has many layers. More often than not, you know the answers to the above questions are yes, yes, yes, yes…they are all true.

Difficult decisions are difficult often not because you cannot see the truth at all. It’s because you’re having trouble differentiating which layer of truth is more important, at this moment. 

The information you get from your intuition can be nonlinear and complex. As such, you may even feel like you’re not getting any information at all, when in fact, you need to step back and ask your higher self, what’s the big picture among all this?

In Episode 110 of the School of Intuition, I talk about how to handle the complexity of intuitive information you may be getting, as well as two other revelations about intuitive decision making that I received from a recent event.




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