Is Santa Claus real? 

Before you rush to a yes or no, stop for a sec. This question actually has no simple binary answers, because it’s a very ambiguous question. 

Santa Claus may not exist in the same way that your friends and families exist. But he surely exists in our collective consciousness. In that sense he’s both real and unreal, depending on how you look at reality, which is itself an ill-defined term.

Now, is the ego real?

Again, it depends on how you look at reality. The truth is the ego, or the “I”, is no more and no less real than Santa Claus.

In Episode 92 of the School of Intuition, I talk about reality, its many dimensions, human identity, and time. My goal is to help you expand your perception of reality a bit further, to accommodate a bigger self identity that is closer to the truth.


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