Confusion is a state that the mind desperately tries to get out of, as soon as it finds itself in it. Shock is often times our first response to any unexpected incidents, trauma and loss in life. And then there’s the inevitable question of “why did this happen to me”, and it’s spiritual variation– “why did God let this happen”.

What we often do not see is the layered truth about confusion. The disguised blessing it’s offering you, is that the inability of the mind of grasp reality opens up the opportunity for you to connect deeper with the Source, to expand your perception of the self beyond the boundary of your analytical capability. The humbling of the mind is a doorway to true surrender, to more freedom and fluidity in your relationship with the world. 

Ultimately, the mind tries to comprehend the confusion at hand not because the answer to the “why” question is all that important. It’s because conscious understanding, or a perception of clarity, provides stability, safety and comfort that the human self needs.

However, there are alternative ways to provide yourself with stability and safety, while taking in the gift that confusion is trying to offer you. In Episode 80 of the School of Intuition, I talk about the spiritual purpose and rare gift of confusion, and how you can hold the state of confusion with more equanimity, while allowing it to deliver to you the transformation and growth that you’re entitled to receive. 


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