If you want to develop real intuition, try to lie less.

No, I’m not objecting to lying for moral reasons. It’s a legit strategy for social survival. Some employ it more than others. But we all do it.

The reason you want to minimize lying when you try to hone your intuition is very simple– it creates noise.

Ultimately, intuition is the skill to discern the truth of the unlining moment, whether it’s the truth about yourself or about the world. Many people find this difficult. But contrary to what people believe, this is not because they are not capable of hearing the truth. It’s because the noise to signal ratio of their perception is so high that it’s almost impossible to discern the truth of the moment from everything else.

What are the noises? Our ingrained beliefs. Our fears and uncertainties. Our ego’s agenda. Our environment, upbringing, tribal knowledge, collective consciousness. Most of the thoughts we call our own, actually. 

And when you are less than honest, whether it’s to yourself or to someone else, you’re adding to the noises and making it harder for yourself to perceive truth.

Again, this is not a judgment against lying, but merely a statement of fact. There’s a tradeoff between social convenience and personal freedom. No free lunch.

I go much more into this in Episode 109 of the School of Intuition. We’ll also talk about how to create reality and why your words and deeds are extra powerful when you are connected with the Source dimension.



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