When the mind is in charge of making decisions for you, everything you do is a means to an end. Yet you’d never find the “end”. It’s something outside the domain of the mind. So when you reach a seeming end, you always realize that it’s still just a means to some other end.

In contrast, when your decision making is driven by an intuitive connection with the Source, the things you do are always for their own sake. You may find a hard time articulating why you’re doing certain things, because there’s no material to fill in the blank in “I’m doing this, so that ______”. Yet the action feels deeply aligned with who you are in that moment.

There’s other magic from what I call the “authentic decision making”. In episode 76 of the School of Intuition, I talk about how authentic decision making can totally transform your life for the better, and other nuggets I learned from executing my new year’s resolution for this year, which is itself a decision driven by deep intuition.



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