The distinction between the collective and the individual is an artificial one. The perceived boundary between you and me is, in a sense, an optical illusion created by the ego to make four-dimensional living more manageable for the earth bound segment of your journey. 

Empathic beings intuitively know this to be true. That’s why, when their gifts are still under-developed, empaths are often accused of having “boundary issues”. Yet, when expressed from the certainty of who you really are, and supported by an unwavering connection with the Source, your most serious flaw is in fact your biggest power. It’s a power that can unite, synthesize, amend, and heal.

We’re in an extraordinary time right now as the collective psyche goes through waves of triggers in order to purge its past trauma, and grow into another kind of consciousness. The process is complex and baffling if you’re trying to understand it intellectually. Yet it’s simple and inevitable when you use your connected intuition to perceive this reality. 

Empathic beings have a special role to play in times like this, as I’ll talk about in Episode 97 of the School of Intuition. The healing and evolution of the collective psyche is not different from the individual one (because… as we just talked about, they are in fact one and the same thing.) How much healing can be allowed to happen depends on how the traumatic reaction of the psyche to a triggering incident is being handled. And as an empathic being, because of your special power, how you handle your own reaction to the chaos in your life and in the world can have a disproportionate impact on the healing of the collective psyche.


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