There are perhaps 1,000 people on earth today who firmly believe they were Cleopatra in their past life. There are probably another 1,000 who are convinced that they are Jesus Christ reborn. 

Are they for real, or totally out of their mind? 

The answer is actually not binary on this. Because as often happens, the truth, when perceived and narrated from the viewpoint of the ego, becomes misunderstood, and ceases to be the truth.

Do past lives exist? Yes. But they don’t exist in the way that most people, from the perspective of their individual identity, would understand.  

In Episode 103 of the School of Intuition, I talk about why the notion of “my past life” or “your past life” is an oxymoron. We’ll discuss the different ways that consciousness, or life, continuously morphs and shifts and transforms, what changes and what doesn’t. Why this matters is not for satisfying some intellectual curiosity about past life. It is for creating space around your perception of individual identity, so that you could live more freely and fluidly. 



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