forest and girlThere are generally two ways to get what you want out of life, the human way and the mystic way.

The human way is how most of us live. It pretty much follows a three-act model just like in classic theater. First, you set a goal (“Where do you want to be in five years?”). Next, you device a plan to achieve the goal and execute your plan. Finally, you accomplish your goal (or not). Rinse. Repeat. If you look back, you’d probably notice that your life—from the smallest chore to the most defining event—consists of countless iterations of this model.

To give you an example, last week I noticed that two of my worn winter coats were still hanging on the rack though it’s already July. Here goes the human way.

  • Act I: I was chided by the mean voice in my head, and decided that I’d make a trip to the dry cleaner by the end of the week.
  • Act II: It soon became clear that my dry-cleaning mission was faced with serious obstacles. I was too busy with work. Friends came to visit. I got a sore throat and didn’t want to travel, yet the closest dry cleaner was almost two blocks away! Saturday came and I still hadn’t gotten to the task. I was in serious trouble. Saturday evening I experienced a dark night of the soul. Sunday morning it was a moment of decision: Do I want to live a meaningful life by finally making it to the dry cleaner or not?
  • Act III: I listened to a Tony Robbins tape to motivate myself. I prayed to Jesus, Krishna, Muhammad, and Gandalf. I visualized a successful trip to the cleaner. I did positive self talks to attract a favorable outcome. I was ready! So I carried my coats and walked the dreaded block. Upon arriving, I realized: the dry cleaner was closed on Sunday!

Sad, I know. Thanks for your sympathy. Yet this is basically how the human story goes. There’s a me and there’s a world. The former wants something out of the latter. In the process lots of striving, negotiating, wrangling and compromising are involved. In this model your conscious will is the key to the kingdom. You can either let fate get the upper hand or take charge of your own destiny.

And then there is the mystic way. The mystic knows that the world isn’t outside of her, but a manifestation of her own consciousness. Her desires and the world operate not in separation, but as a single force of will. She gets whatever she wants, because her intention is an integral part of the grand design of her universe and she simply doesn’t have the impulse to intend for anything to happen that is not aligned with the self-regulating harmony of her world.

She knows the truth that in her essence she is whole and complete and lacks nothing. Therefore, her wants and desires are simply a device of the linear time to bring about a certain destiny. She does not grasp at or lose sleep over them. But she does take actions to fulfill the wants as she is called to, knowing that the desired outcome already exists and her inspired action is just the UPS guy who delivers that package to the door. She knows that despite what appears to be, the state of outcome is not caused by her “doing” anything. It simply is. Without the burden to prove or obtain any result, she is free to carry out actions with maximum joy like a kid playing at the beach, appreciating the truth that actions are magical plays of consciousness in a three-dimensional world.

From the human perspective, the mystic way of living may not be that interesting, because of the minimum drama/struggle involved. Yet it is also simple, efficient, joy-filled, powerful, and all the things our human self craves.

Is there anything you can do to jump paradigm, from the human to the mystic? Yes and no.

No, because the leap of understanding about what you really are is beyond the capacity of the ego. It’s a non-starter to try to make your small human self comprehend the truth that your real identity goes much beyond this body.

Yes, because your bigger self is already looking to play. Paradigm shifts (read: miracles) do happen—on their own timing—when you’re ready enough. And you make yourself more ready—

By consciously loosening the mental grip on getting what you want.

By trying to see perfection and beauty in any situation that your ego judges as less ideal.

By reminding yourself that you have far more power and resources available to you than what the eyes can see.

By letting go of the rigid concepts of what is good and bad, acceptable and unacceptable.

By accepting and embracing every situation as your own magical creation without giving up the right to change it if you want to.

In the beginning when you try to live the mystic way, you’ll still be doing it the human way, i.e. striving and struggling to get somewhere you are not. Yet gradually a shift will start to happen under the radar of your perception. You will notice that letting go seems to become easier, that you make less fuss over winning and losing in the game of life, that the wheel of fortune does not sway you as much, internally. You begin to sense the innate joy in every physical step you take. You are more generous with your heart. You travel lighter. You grow wings.

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