Over the past year I’ve been called to become increasingly non-busy. My activity level has been going down, while I spend more and more time in quiet nothingness. But here’s the thing. Although I’ve been doing less, my output–the amount of my intellectual and creative production–has not decreased. 

A part of me felt guilty. If you had been raised by workaholic parents who use activity as the panacea for all ills of life, you’d feel guilty about working less, too. Another part of me was puzzled– I seem to be doing less, but not producing less. How did that happen?

Later in the year, the reason for the changing pattern in time allocation was revealed to me. To put it briefly, as consciousness evolves, its manifesting power increases. So the optimal balance of activity shifts from doing to intentional being. Both help you to get things done, albeit in different ways.

In Episode 87 of the School of Intuition, I talk about this intentional being state. Many people think setting intention is equal to setting goals. To me they’re totally different things. “Lose 10 pounds this year” is a clear goal, but hardly a true intention. In this episode we’ll cover the difference between the two, what true intentions look and feel like, and how to better juggle between the realms of potentiality and reality, nothingness and everythingness. 



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