The sense of identification with a localized self– “I”, “me”, “mine”– is a made-up concept created out of thin air (literally), by the powerful universal consciousness that all of us embody.

This “pseudo-self”, though having no basis in reality, is nonetheless a genius invention that has served humanity well. Because it gives the species an effective tool to be laser focused on its own survival.  

The pseudo-self has a simple mandate: to not die. Everything it’s programmed to do serves the single goal to keep “I” safe, physically and conceptually. And it does a marvelous job in that. But what happens when the species’ primary challenge is no longer survival

Over the past 500 years, humans went from “just trying to live” like any other species, to planet dominance. We are the only species that has dramatically increased its standard of living (…at the expense of everyone else, but that’s a topic for another day.)

The species’ primary challenge has changed. But the programming of the pseudo-self has (largely) not. The invention that used to be useful is now constraining.  

In Ep 113 of the School of Intuition, we’ll talk about evolutionary lag in human consciousness, signs that you’re running on survival programming, implications of that for personal prosperity, and what we can shift towards instead.


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