Your feelings about other people alway say more about you than about them.

Your jealousy often shows you what you’ve been programmed to believe that you need to be or need to have, in order to be worthy of love and acceptance. Your negative judgements often tell you which part of your humanness that you’ve shoveled into the shadows because they do not fit in neatly in the programmed self image of the ego. And what you especially admire in other people often inform you of the admirable qualities of your own true nature that you haven’t realized to belong to you.

So when you have a strong feeling about someone, instead of totally buying into it or trying to manipulate your own feelings into socially acceptable forms, the smart thing to do is asking yourself: 

“What does this say about my own programming?” 

Other people are our mirrors. And if we’re willing, they will illuminate the way of our own growth.

Episode 100 of the School of Intuition offers more clarity on this matter.


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