Positive thinking works. Until it doesn’t.

Overwrite the negative thoughts with positive, hopeful thoughts. Replace the destructive, victimizing crap you tell yourself with confidence-boosting pep talks. As a result, happiness is enhanced and peace of mind strengthened. Who knows, maybe you can even “think (positively) and grow rich” or “attract what you want with (positive) thought waves”, as well-meaning motivational speakers would want you to believe.

As long as you believe your thoughts are real, you can use one thought to counter the other. You can play house with yourself in the endless drama of human mind and be infinitely entertained.

It’s safe that way. You don’t have to face the ugly, the dark, the broken. You don’t have to get anywhere close to the your own vast humanness, which is half animal, half God, and monster-looking to the untrained eyes. There would be no cracks in the wall of your existence. Because you could just patch them all up with positive thoughts and never have to look at them again.

That is, not until those cracks turn into gaping hollows on a certain stormy night…

The negative thought you tell yourself is a lie. The positive thought you tell yourself is also a lie.

Bottom line: thoughts are nothing but lies. Value judgments gives surprisingly little information about reality.

Though it may not appear so, thoughts are an extremely fluid, easily influenced layer among the totality of your existence. People take them seriously because they are readily observable. But “change your thought, change your life” is no better advice than “if you eat more ice cream, summer will come”.

Summer WILL come, but not because of the sales of cooling devices.


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