From time to time I get emails from strangers asking me to teach them how to become a “psychic”. 

Unhelpful as it is, that’s a common misunderstanding of what intuition is. Many people think it’s some sort of supernatural power that, if acquired, would be a handy trick in their bargaining with life.

Real intuition is anything but. Real intuition, i.e. the capacity to receive direct knowledge from the Source, is useful because it helps you make better decisions about you and your life, decisions that circumvent the typical short-sightedness of the human ego and lead to globally optimized outcomes.

The “how to” of developing this kind of direct knowledge is simple–

  1. Practise honing your connection with the Source
  2. Practise making decisions based on your intuitive knowing

As often is the case, “simple” does not mean “easy”. The first practice requires patience. The second practice requires courage. And both require a lot of trust. 

That’s why practising your intuition is in fact a practice in personal growth.

Still, like any practice, there are shortcuts and better ways of doing things.

Episode 101 of the School of Intuition explains one such “shortcut”, a practice that, if you make it a habit, is most helpful for expanding your capacity for direct knowledge and helping you live a wiser and more insightful life.


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