Hey guys, this is episode Eight of the True Voyage soundcast and today I want to talk about…delays. Have you had the feeling that going through life is like being stuck in traffic? You’re never going anywhere that you want to go fast enough and you wonder, well, when exactly is this going to happen? When am I going to finally reach my goals? Or is this ever going to happen at all?

Sometimes life feels like you are stuck in a sea of cars on the highway where nothing is moving. And as soon as some space seems to clear up and things start to speed up a bit…you get excited and you step on the gas pedal and you start feeling hopeful…right then the car in front of you stops again, leaving you feeling so frustrated.

In this episode, I want to offer you a few alternative perspectives on why delays happen. The truth is not always what it seems to be. And if you’re open to it, everything is an opportunity for you to deepen your relationship with your true self. This is no exception…




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