Most people are wired to believe that the status quo = safety.

A corollary to that belief is that if you keep going on the path you’ve already been on (and are familiar with), you incur the least risk. 

Most of us can’t even help believing that. It’s a deeply programmed script for survival.

It’s deeply programmed because it’s so helpful. Because in 99 out of 100 routine scenarios, this programming is probably right. 

But in that 1 out of 100 scenarios where it really matters, whether you allow that program to run you or strike your deliberate, conscious choice out of the status quo is the difference between greatness and mediocrity, between evolution and stagnation, and even between life and death.

It takes great awareness, courage and honesty to see “risks” as what they really are. And it’s a required skill for thriving in times of heightened uncertainty and change, such as the time we are living in.

In Episode 105 of the School of Intuition, I talk about the real “risk management” all of us need at a time like right now.


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