In this video I responded to some recent questions from readers and shared thoughts on:

  • When decentralization matters & when it doesn’t for DeFi and crypto in general
  • How to build moat in DeFi
  • Should you invest in L1 chains or DeFi protocols
  • Challenges of real estate NFTs
  • Will Axie Infinity make it




  1. Jason Chew Reply

    hey Tascha, really enjoyed this vid, thank you for addressing these issues, thorny as they might! you mentioned cost and speed being the most essential driver for innovation to L1s at this part of crypto’s life cycle. I don’t disagree at all. Why do you think tho, that til now, the vast majority of projects on Solana or Avax, be it DeFi or even NFTs, seem to be be clones of canonical projects on Ethereum? thank you, Jason.

    • The ‘popular’ projects that have got traction right now on ethereum mostly started 2-3 yrs ago. This space moves fast but it still takes time. I believe you’ll see more innovations on other chains in 1-2 yrs.

  2. Glenn james Peterson Reply

    Hi Tascha, just found your article on Twitter about China then stumbled on to your DeFi information, great explanation! Is there any other information out there on Liquidity pools and all that stuff? Id like to learn more as i,m only delegating votes to a FTSO provider. Id like to learn more. Great web site thanks you. Regards Glenn

  3. This is beyond amazing and helpful. Thank you! ☺️