In this video I answer reader questions on–

• How to position for crypto bear market

• Crypto price decoupling from Bitcoin

• The nature of blockchain revolution

• Finding your own optimal investment zone

• And more…




  1. riese,cass Reply

    Here is what angel investing should be:

    Send USDC from a wallet with your ENS to the entity’s ENS and get digital mirror assets back into your wallet. These assets are held in a mirrortable, which is an on-chain replica of a primary cap table maintained in an off-chain system like Carta for compliance purposes. The terms of these assets are kept current via periodic updates of the mirrortable’s smart contract.
    If you understand all the concepts in this statement, consider working on this problem or joining a team in the space! If you aren’t familiar with any of the terms in that sentence, like ENS, look at the definitions in the appendix. Or just read on.

  2. Khalid Almashgari Reply

    How do you determine your price targets/exit points on new bets?