Imagine for a sec that you’re a baby penguin, but you don’t know that you’re a penguin– because you grow up in a chicken coop. You have chicken parents, chicken friends, and chicken school teachers. Everyone of them tells you that you are one of them and you’re expected to behave accordingly…

…until one day a realization dawns on you that you’re in fact not a chicken, that you’re actually something else entirely though you still have no clear idea what that “thing” is. 

Maybe this awakening is gradual, starting as a whisper in your gut but over time growing so big that your old chicken life can’t seem to hold it in. Or maybe it erupts like a magnitude 8 earthquake that suddenly shakes up your whole existence. Either way, imagine the confusion, overwhelm and emotional upheaval that the penguin now has to go through because of this awakening.

What I’m trying to say is that however absurd this scenario may sound, it is actually very similar to what many of us experience on our journey of awakening consciousness and expanding sense of self.

If you’ve ever felt profoundly sad, angry, depressed, lonely, or confused about your own inner transformation, listen to Episode 82 of the School of Intuition, where I talk about the emotional journey of the quest for your true self, what to expect along the way, and how to navigate the inner storm.


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