We are light beings coming into a universe of dense matters. The transition between worlds was a difficult-to-adjust, even traumatic experience to many. Even if no major trauma happened to you that you could remember, the physical existence itself is heavy, sometimes painfully heavy. If you go through life with a nagging feeling that you never belong in this world, you’re in good company. And there’s nothing wrong about it.

Most of us find ways to cope with what I called “the original pain” somehow. We build connections with people. We find loved ones and hang on to them. We find hobbies, entertainment, and work we can devote ourselves to. These are ways to build a sense of identity and belonging. It’s a beautiful model of human existence. And for most people it works really well.

But for some, at one point or another, it stops working: a loved one leaves us, some unforeseen events separate us from the people and things we identify ourselves with. Or perhaps, this model of living never works for you, but you just don’t know why (it never worked for me, and still doesn’t).

In this video, I’d like to propose to you another mode of existence, which will allow you to say, “I don’t belong here. And that’s totally okay.” This is not a model for everyone. And you’ll know when it calls you.

When you realize that this being in time and space is only a manifestation of you, not who you truly are, you’re one step closer to the ultimate freedom. When you allow your existence to be grounded in the nothingness that creates everything, magic starts to happen in your life…

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