LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE ON SOUNDWISE4 Steps To Own The Room (Especially If You're An Empath)

Time is the ultimate scarce resource on this earth. For most people time is always in fixed supply, cannot be reproduced, and something they never have enough of!

But what if I tell you that you can actually have more time? It’s not that difficult and doesn’t involve voodoo magic or a PhD degree. All it takes is a simple shift in perspective.

Not only will this new perspective give you have more time, you will also feel better about how you spent your time. You will go to bed feeling more satisfied about your day. You can say to yourself “Ah, that was a day well spent!” without hesitation or inner conflict.

In this episode of the True Voyage, I talk about why most of us spend all of our days playing catch up with life, and what is the one change you can make to get more out of your time and feel more productive and fulfilled.

p.s. I’m creating a new audio course called Power Mornings that includes a series of power practices to start your day off on the right foot, so that you will immediately get 10% more productivity and joy out of your day, and also create long-lasting boosts to your state of wellbeing. I will announce the launch of the course on True Voyage. So make sure you subscribe to this soundcast.

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