Two years ago I got the divine guidance to start my life anew. So I left my job, sold my things, moved out of my house…

There was only one problem.

The divine “forgot” to tell me what to do next.

(Ok, it didn’t forget. But I felt forgotten.)

Everyone says: “Leap, and the net will appear”. So while free falling, I kept hoping some nylon trap would catch me.

Until I hit the concrete floor. Ouch!

At first I couldn’t figure out what my next move was. So I panicked. Then I got the guidance to start a tech company, but it was way over my head. So I panicked. Then the company needed more financing. So I panicked…

That first year after taking up on my higher self’s offer to follow my calling, I had one breakdown after another. Because my human self refused to step up and get on board with the divine plan.

Every time I was overwhelmed with self doubt and anxiety, feeling I couldn’t take it anymore, I’d dial what I call the “divine emergency helpline”. I’d plead with my higher self, “If I’m on the right path, show me a sign!”

And then something magical would happen, almost right away. I’d get a call from an interested investor out of the blue. I’d get media coverage I didn’t ask for… That would calm my human self down…for 2 minutes. Then the whole cycle would start over again.

Eventually I got so sick and tired of it.

Don’t get me wrong. I was grateful that when I needed rescuing from the Source, I always got it. But I wished I hadn’t needed it in the first place.

The emotional rollercoaster was exhausting. I was my own worst enemy, getting in the way of everything I did. It didn’t help that I was working 12-13 hour days.

I needed my human self to be her best, to rise to the challenge, to step up and collaborate.

I needed to do something.

That was when I got the guidance to start a daily practice.

Practices that tone up my vibration, condition my mind, expand my energy field. Practices that help me get centered and get clarity.

I was told that I should do them in the morning so that I could be my best self, as much as possible, throughout the day.

In the months that followed my initial inspiration, a series of such practices came to me, directly and indirectly.

And I compiled 11 OF MY FAVORITE ONES into my new audio course, The Power Mornings.

These practices have been nothing short of life saving for me. My days now feel organized and calm. I know exactly what my focus should be and actually do it. I’m able to take on bigger and bigger responsibilities without the overwhelm.

And I haven’t needed to call the divine emergency helpline ever since.

If you take the course and seriously do the practices, here’s what you can expect:

1. You’ll get an IMMEDIATE boost in your productivity and happiness. And the change will be persistent if you continue with the practices.

2. You’ll be more creative and “dialed-in” to your higher source. Life situations happen. But you won’t get stuck with the problems for long. You’ll be able to discern the highest truth, the inspired solutions, much more easily.

3. You’ll achieve a higher level of emotional MASTERY. Your human self, who may have been your worst enemy before, will become a dear friend you can rely on through life’s ups and downs.

The investment for the course is $175. And as with my other courses, it will increase overtime.

Because I want to honor you for taking charge of your own growth, for this launch week only, I’m offering the course for $77. The launch price will end on midnight Sunday June 24th, 2018. After that, I’ll never offer this same deal ever again. So if you’re even remotely interested in this course, now is the time to get it.

Go sign up here.

power mornings - Natasha Che