Obstacle and setback are the theme of the world right now. If your work and life have been majorly disrupted in the past couple months, you’re hardly alone. If you’re frustrated and restless, wondering “Why now? Why me? What am I doing with my life?”, you are channeling millions of others as well.

But whatever questions you have about the difficult and puzzling circumstances the Universe has put you in, the Monkey King has some answers for you. Yep, the Monkey King.

I’m not remotely joking. Stories are roadmaps of consciousness. And any stories that can remain in the collective consciousness for hundreds of years contain powerful insights about the human experience. 

In Episode 96 of the School of Intuition, I’ll talk about such a story. I’ll show you how the story of the Monkey King is in fact a powerful metaphor of the ego’s transformational journey, of what it takes to attain true freedom of the soul (and immortality, for that matter). Whatever questions you have about your life circumstance right now, this story has answers for you. Check it out.



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