Being a misfit carries countless benefits, including…

  1. You never need to worry about fitting in— it’s obvious you never will.
  2. People can’t ignore yougetting hit by a car is impossible.
  3. Your provide gossip materials for others— saving the world from boredom.
  4. Endangered species love you— you’re one of them after all.
  5. People think you’re original— but actually you’re just being you.
  6. Winter is never too cold— being ridiculed so often gave you thick skin.
  7. You won’t have a midlife crisis— you had one in the fifth grade already.
  8. The boy/girl you had a crush on in junior high paid you no attention— saving you both from a ridiculous relationship.
  9. You have fewer friends— less money wasted on Christmas cards.
  10. Your friends don’t understand you— more opportunities to express yourself.
  11. Finding a job is easy— if all else fails, just go to a circus and ask them to put you on display.
  12. You never get fired from a job— you’ll fire the job first and start your own thing.
  13. You’re infinitely appealing to the opposite sex— they find you irresistibly confusing.
  14. Your partner finds you excellent in bed— their expectation is very low.
  15. You don’t have to buy movie tickets— your own life is more dramatic.
  16. Your autobiography will be a best-seller— legions of people who don’t like you can’t wait to read it and find more faults.
  17. Living in foreign countries won’t be a problem— you don’t fit anywhere anyway.
  18. The current regime never works for you— you become a specialist in changing the world.
  19. You’ll dine with Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein in heaven— they have a table reserved for weirdos.

And Finally…

   20. You won’t have any death-bed regret while others only wished for a trailblazing life, you lived one.

I’ve been a misfit since kindergarten, thinking differently, feeling differently, and never getting a sense of belonging anywhere. When I was a teenager, I thought this was some serious personality disorder to be cured. When it was proven incurable, I then spent the longest time trying to hide it, in misery and to no avail. Until one day I woke up and realized how fortunate I was, what a rare journey I had led, and how perfect the timing of everything had been.

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Don’t hide your idiosyncrasies, your bizarre obsessions, or anything about you that you can’t tidy up and make look reasonable. They are not present in your life out of randomness. In fact, they are the very reasons why you came here into this world. Be proud. Be very proud about them, for they are your tools to make a dent in the Universe, and give it what it has been deprived of— you.


photo credit: thefoxling via photopin cc