When life present you with challenging people and situations, do you automatically start wondering what the hell is wrong with you, or what spiritual performance you need to deliver to avoid “attracting” such bad luck into your sphere?

If so, stop.

When the Universe is repeatedly throwing challenging situations at you that are of similar nature, it’s for one reason and one reason only– to help you heal from past traumas and reconnect with your true nature.

A traumatic event early in life leaves a memory in the body on the cellular level. And whenever a similar situation happens later in life, the body would respond in the same way as in the earlier event, out of the existing programming already wired into the body. So even when one is consciously aware that the response is not justified, it doesn’t help. Because the body would respond all the same according to its existing programming.

The healing of trauma is largely not about mending thoughts or emotions. It’s about releasing this physical imprint from the body. And the way the body can be rewired is through new situations in life that simulates the condition of the earlier traumatic event.

Without the new events to trigger the body, the pattern would remain dormant and unhealed. But when a new situation happens that’s similar to the old trauma, there is an opportunity to make the body realize it doesn’t need to respond in the old way anymore, through applying effusive amount of love, care, attention and awareness.

If the triggers happen enough times and if proper care is applied, eventually the body’s response will be rewired. And consciousness expands to a new level.

If the trauma had never happened, consciousness would have remained in a naive state of Garden of Eden. it is the journey through darkness that allows consciousness to evolve and for the individual to realize their innate power. It’s through darkness that we truly understand what light is.

In episode 47 of The School of Intuition, I talk about the nature of trauma, the difference between traumatic response and your natural aptitude, and a most fundamental way to heal from trauma and obtain personal freedom.


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