The month of November has been a month of consciousness evolution, with many people on this evolutionary path, including some in our empathic badass tribe, experiencing an intensified period of internal shift.

If you’ve been feeling extra lack of concentration, spacey, unproductive, forgetful, emotional, or exhausted in the past few weeks, don’t be alarmed. Your system is doing some heavy-lifting in the background to advance your own evolution right now. Give yourself some space, would you?

The seeming absence of the mind is a common phenomenon experienced by many on the path of conscious evolution. It’s a phenomenon alarmingly scary to the ego. Because often times the individual identity uses the mind–and associated thinking capacity–as a safety blanket.

For many people, thinking and analyzing is the default protection against intimate contact with their primordial existence– being in its stripped down state without distractions. Thinking is also a primary way of how the ego feels in control of its own destiny. So when that armor of the mind is taken away–even if just temporarily, as it often happens through your conscious evolutionary journey–many of us don’t seem to know how to handle ourselves anymore.

In Episode 53 of the School of Intuition, I talk about the human evolutionary path from instinct, to intellect, to inspired intuition. I also talk about why this vacation of the mind, which brings about a great deal of frustration when it happens, is in fact a tremendous blessing.


The Empath’s Way to Impact and Influence

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