Shame is one of the most powerful programming that run on the human operating system. It’s powerful partly because we impulsively want to run away from it, and what you avoid inevitably holds power over you. It’s also powerful because unlike other so called negative emotions, such as fear, sadness, and anger, the target of shame is almost always the self. Not even any ephemeral aspect of the self. But the self in its totality and core.

Yet on your journey of expanding consciousness and growing freedom, at some point you’ve got to face off with the things that pull you in the opposite direction, the things you’ve abandoned into the shadows. Having a peaceful relationship of clarity with your shame is part of your true freedom.

In episode 70 of the School of Intuition soundcast, we’ll talk about what shame is trying to do for you and how to get clarity about the shames you may be holding on to. We’ll also walk through some exercises to help you get to know your shames better and figure out what’s the next step in your relationship with shame that would best support your growth.


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