Archetypes are emblems of human development paths. They are shared aspects of our collective hero’s journey.

Knowing about your archetypes can bring great awareness to your own path of growth. It also helps you properly acknowledge how far you’ve come and shed light on your highest destiny. At times of setbacks and uncertainty, it reminds you to remain patient and grounded.

One of the archetypes so many of my listeners share is the Conscious Empath. In episode 61 of the School of Intuition, I talk about the 7 growth stages of the empath archetype and their respective manifestations. You may find yourself identify with some or all aspects of the stages I mentioned in this episode. And no matter which stage you are in and how things appear to be on the outside, remember that you’re at the right place in this point in time, and your presence here is already a blessing to this earth.

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