Most of us experience life like a movie– it’s a continuum of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, with us as the protagonist. 

But you know full well that’s not how movies actually are. A movie is in fact a series of discontinuous still images piecing together, moving so fast before your eyes to make it seem a continuous whole.

We carry the same optical illusion about life.

What you call your life is in fact a collection of moments stringing together. There is no intrinsic relatedness among those moments, except our perception of the ego makes it seem like continuous. Helping to sustain this illusion is the dead data stored in our human hard drive that we call memory

Most of us can’t even imagine what life would be like if we do not have such illusions. Well, actually that’s not true. Episode 108 of the School of Intuition will ask you to imagine exactly that. 

In this episode I talk about an annual practice I received from the Source related to reducing the impact of the ego in everything I do, or not do. It also contains a meditation and creative download that will help you perceive your consciousness on another level that creates more space and freedom.


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