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The Empath’s Way to Impact and Influence

Most spiritual traditions teach the virtue of surrendering, letting go, and trusting the higher plan. But if it’s that easy to do, there wouldn’be be any need to preach about it. “Let go and let God” is one of those things easier to talk about than to actually implement. In this episode of the True Voyage I tell you about how I learned to step back, relax, and let my higher self man the stearing wheel, which is not easy to start with when you’re a 3rd-stage type A like me 🙂

I’m still learning it every day. But one thing is clear. Life has its own plan. And my higher self is much more qualified in running my life than the small human named Natasha Che. The more I let the former do its job, the more enjoyable my time here on this planet becomes.


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