Law of attraction offers the glitzing hope that you can manipulate the Universe into giving you what you want by playing simple tricks. That’s why it’s so popular— it caters to the human instinct to control the future and makes our ego feel almightily powerful. But does it really work? The answer is yes and no. Yes, because the magic of Universe always “works” without fail. No, because it doesn’t work the way most people perceive or want it to be.

Any desire, if truly inspired from deep within you, serves as a GPS of your destiny.

Any desire, if truly inspired from deep within you, serves as a GPS of your destiny. They are the not-so-subtle hints from the Universe telling you what it has in store for you. If you follow those desires and take actions, given time and perhaps the needed struggles, they are bound to manifest in reality. In the process you experience the many dimensions of being human— which is what you come into this world for— and your life is gradually woven into a linear storyline of hero’s journey which gives the illusion that your actions caused the desired results to happen. If those actions happen to include visualization, making vision boards and holding positive thoughts, you would probably conclude: “Hooray! Law of Attraction works!”, while in fact it’s simply a confusion of cause and effect.

If the visualizations and other sophisticated new-age schemes help you gain clarity of what you really want and are fun to play with, then by all means do them. Just keep in mind that your soul-inspired desires by no means need the help of Law of Attraction gimmicks to come into fruition.

On the other hand, if what you want is motivated by fear, inherited from the collective unconscious, or the result of various trappings of the ego, you can be guaranteed that no matter how diligently you do your Law of Attraction practices, it’s not going to work and you’d get nothing out of it except frustration. Such frustration does serve a purpose though. Hopefully it will propel you to look within, question your motivation, and when the time is right, discover the true voice inside of you and use that, instead of expert advices on how to manhandle the Universe, as your guidance for action.

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On this week’s BananaOnFire, I reveal three myths about the Law of Attraction and tell you how to make “the Law” really work for you.

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