How Do You Know If It's The Time To Quit?

Recently someone wrote to me and asked, “I have an inspired vision for my life direction. However, my day-to-day life for several years has been filled with failures and setbacks. How can I discern if my vision is truly inspired and this is just a process of learning? Or was my “inspiration” merely wishful thinking or fantasizing? Are the repeated failures and losses a sign to give up and change to another direction, or should I persevere and practice resilience and patience?”

At some point in life we’re all going to face this question. How do you know the life vision you have for yourself is “real”, when things don’t seem to be working out?

In this episode I talk about the difference between life vision and strategies to get to that vision. Most of us tend to confuse the two. And when a strategy doesn’t work out, we tend to question whether the vision is valid, while the truth is they are two totally different things. I’ll tell you how to discern the difference. And give you tips on how to know whether you need to change strategy or practice perseverance.

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