Pop psychology made self love and self acceptance hip concepts these days. And as usual, the ego spins a concept that was supposedly spiritual truth to advance its own agenda.

That’s why, for many people, self acceptance has become simply a tactic to get what they want– “accept” your inner child so that you can get it to behave, or a tactic to appease the suffering of not getting what your ego wants– Feeling terrible about yourself? Apply a heavy dose of “acceptance”!

There’s also the general misconception that self acceptance is the antonym to self improvement. Because if you embrace the status quo, why would you have any incentive to become better, right? 

Well if that’s the case, why does the world have so little self acceptance yet so much mediocrity in it, if rejecting the current status brings more improvement? 

In Episode 98 of the School of Intuition, I talk about what a genuine pursuit of excellence looks like, why it’s in fact a practice in the expansion of consciousness, and why it has no conflict whatsoever with loving and accepting oneself. The simpler your motivation, the more power there is behind your action. This applies to any activity, including the pursuit of self acceptance. 




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