Last week I caught up with an old friend whom I haven’t seen for many years. After briefing each other on how things had been, it was clear that how we had lived life couldn’t be  more different from each other.

At one point my friend mentioned a difficult career choice of his. I told him how I’d go about it. And my friend said:

“Well that’s too idealistic. You think you can just have it your way, don’t you?”

What he meant was a common sentiment that you probably have had yourself– reality has constraints and life is often a struggle. So you’ve got to accept “the way of the world” and make compromises…

That’s certainly a valid perspective. Except– people who don’t insist on having things their way rarely change the world.

Insisting on living by your own truth often appears a more difficult path than its opposite. You almost always pay an upfront price, in the form of forsaking certainty and belonging, risking relationships and rocking the boat of communal approval…

But here’s what’s also true. If you dare to insist that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to follow your truth, come hell or high water, the Universe will come to your aid in ways you may have never expected. Because you, no matter whether you’re aware of it or not, have helped the Universe maintain its balance and diversity. 

In Episode 89 of the School of Intuition, I talk about the difference between blind stubborness of the ego and inspired insistence of truth. I’ll also talk about what to do when your determination to follow your own truth is met with resistance, internally and externally.   


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