Guilt, shame, and fear carry a bad rep in spiritual circles. They are “low vibration”, keeping you from your personal freedom, the villains. You should get rid of them as fast as you’re able… but should you?

Every script that has ever been running your life served a constructive purpose, at least at the time when they were installed.

In the name of advancing our conscious evolution, we sometimes forget that our old programming, however unenlightened they may seem, had and may still have a purpose.

Every bit of negative reinforcement script that was wired into your psyche serves the purpose of “inner policeman”. They are restrictive and self-defeating, yes. But they also helped regulate and balance your life at a time when your state of consciousness was not ready to self-regulate without them.

It’s for the same reason that human communities needed, and still need, a police force to keep the society from descending into chaos. Because the human race, at this stage of collective evolution, is not fully capable of self-regulating. We’re evolved enough to have great ideas, yet not evolved enough to not harm one another with those ideas for short-sighted benefits…

If you find it difficult to let go of your negative wirings, you may need a clearer perspective on why they were there in the first place. In Episode 69 of the School of Intuition, I talk about the purposes of your old scripts that on the surface may seem to be keeping you from freedom and growth, and what you can do to make the shift into a new paradigm more effective.


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