…That is, after spending $10,000 on supplements.

Your nerve cells need to send information to one another. Neurotransmitters like serotonin are the delivery guys that make it happen. When Doordash has a labor shortage, nobody delivers your pizza.

Same thing happens when your brain is short of neurotransmitters. The information deliveries fail. You get depressed.

What many depression meds do is to increase the labor pool of neurotransmitters. So you sleep better, have better mood and more focus.

Notice that’s also the value prop of many “nootropic supplements”. They claim to adjust your brain chemicals to improve your sleep, mood, focus.

In other words,

depression meds ≈ enterprise-grade brain supplements

Except supplements are not regulated, not prescribed. Insurance doesn’t cover them. You pay more. But on the other hand, they are easy to get and easy to experiment.

I used to see a therapist. He saw me struggle and said, “How about I prescribe you some medication?”

I fought it tooth and nail.

Like most high-achieving idiots, I thought depression was not real. I was determined to fix it by efforts and smarts, and self-improve myself into a happy person.

I was also bothered by the word MEDICATION. Gosh that must mean there’s something wrong with me! Otherwise why can’t I figure out such a simple thing like happiness on my own?

Pure ego talk.The truth is there is no clear divide btw “treatment” and “improvement”. Don’t get stuck on labels. You only live so many years. So use whatever help you can find to stretch your human potential and make the most out of this time on earth.